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Enter the exciting world of making stuff up! Our children’s improv and theater course is ​a comprehensive and fun 10-week course introducing the essentials of improv acting and storytelling taught by Lauren (US) and Jim (UK.) Students will be introduced to a wide variety of exercises and improv games and learn the key skills and vocabulary to create instant stories from the simplest of prompts.
Through fun games and hilarious exercises, this class focuses on:​
Preparing for Auditions, Castings and Performance
Students will be gently guided on preparing for simple casting scenes in a fun and enjoyable way that takes the pressure off them and allows them to naturally shine on stage and in front of the camera. Balancing what they want to show and just the right amount of challenge we'll lead them to preparing pieces to perform on stage - reading poems and doing scenes - as well as working with them on camera to introduce themselves and try simple audition exercises.
Overcoming Fear​

It can be scary to get up in front of a room of your peers and speak (even for adults!) Through creating a safe space, a welcoming environment, and lots of fun exercises we encourage kids to step out of their comfort zone.

Getting comfortable with Performing in English
As well as being experienced actors and instructors all our teachers are well versed in training students to confidently use English. We'll get them used to presenting themselves and performing in front of others in English whatever their level.
Embracing Failure and Staying Good-Natured

Many games stress the importance, even necessity of failure. Students will learn to accept failure and be able to laugh at themselves, or turn the failure into a positive learning opportunity.

Taking Risks and Finding Adventure

Students will be encouraged to throw themselves in the deep end and swim to adventure. They’ll learn to create epic stories, open up their imaginations and push themselves into uproarious terrain.​

All classes include a super fun graduation performance for family and friends at the end of the course!
PRICE: 3500kc for 10 classes

Ages 7-9, 4-5pm
10 x 60 minute classes 
Class size limited. Register below!
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